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About Cotton’s Crèche

About us

Cotton’s Crèche is a day-care facility for dogs that keeps them entertained, busy and cared for throughout the day. We aim to serve busy dog parents who have other commitments, errands to run or need somewhere for their dog to go while at work.

Dog day-care differs significantly from day boarding, where dogs are kept in separate kennels throughout the day and walked individually. Our facilities allow dogs to play together off their leads. This encourages the dogs to learn how to play with other dogs, increasing their social skills and allowing safer and happier beach trips and confidence in them off the lead.

The dogs will use a great deal of energy throughout the day, playing with their friends, interacting with staff, and participating in activities.  This will help them be well-rested and calm in the evenings, matching their parent’s energy levels after a day at work.

Our dog day-care will improve any behaviour issues that often occur due to a lack of mental and physical stimulation, for example, excessive barking, chewing and digging. Our daycare allows for guilt-free dog parenthood, as you can rest assured your dog has the best quality of life.

Dogs can enrol with us once they are six months old. Male dogs must be neutered, and all dogs must be up to date with all relevant vaccinations, including the kennel cough vaccine.

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The story behind Cotton’s Crèche

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our special rescue story and the creation of Cotton’s Crèche daycare

Cotton was found roaming the streets of Carmarthen, black with fleas! She was taken in by a rescue where, after shaving and washing her they found she was a little White Bichon Frise.

We went to visit her at the rescue. She growled and ran away from us, very scared of all humans. We took her home in a crate and she snarled and cowered away. I was 10 years old and determined we were going to be friends. After 10 days of avoiding us around the house I found the courage to go to her and I picked her up. She hated it. However, she slowly began to trust me and we became inseparable. I was her person and she mostly continued to hate everyone else, unless they were of some benefit to her.

After a few years we got another ex-breeding Bichon called Bunty, the sweetest, kindest soul who doted on Cotton and became her sidekick.

Over my teenage years Cotton was always with me and we rarely did anything apart. When I started university in Cardiff, I made sure, after my last class every Friday afternoon, that I returned to Pembrokeshire for the weekend to see her, every single weekend for three years!

After Uni I attempted many different jobs, however, Cotton now 14, was struggling to be apart from me and howled the entire day. I had to think of how I could do a job that meant she could be with me. I found a business course online with the Prince’s Trust and developed the idea of doing a day-care for dogs, which I named Cotton’s Crèche. Completely unheard of in our area, sceptics laughed at the idea, and inside I did too. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would pay me to have fun with their dogs!

I had a wonderful 12 months being able to stay with Cotton, although she hated having other dogs in her house, before she passed away in February 2017 at the age of 16. She continues has a wonderful legacy in her name that now serves over 150 dogs each week!

We honour her memory on her birthday and the day we first opened Cotton’s Crèche on the 3rd of May each year with a Charity Dog Show Open Day.

I am extremely lucky to have found Cotton and to have had her guide me to this life that I still enjoy every day.